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The generating of power is inextricably linked to the conveniences lent to our modern lifestyles. Cell phones, streaming binges, nightlights, and reliable running water are all dependent on the power generation industry that we are going to be discussing today.

Industry Overview

Power generation operates by way of three primary sectors; the generation of the power itself, the transmission of that power, and finally the distribution networks that are established – including metering and sales teams. The industry can further be broken down into four sub-varieties: thermal, hydroelectric, solar, and wind. Each of these variants require different equipment, but they all rely on the same overarching components to make them work. Hammer Haag Steel has gotten involved in this industry through our fabrication of these vital pieces.

Industry equipment:

  • Turbines
  • Generators
  • Condensers
  • And Pumps


The power generation industry is continuously evolving due to resource availability, an ever-changing political landscape, and the progress of technology towards a safer and more efficient means. One thing is certain, however, if you have a cell phone to charge, or a Netflix series to binge, this industry has a place in your life.

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Published by Forrest Conner

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