Wastewater Treatment | Industry Spotlight

The various industries around the world produce a wide array of wastewaters as a byproduct and necessity of their existence. Of late, many have tried to reduce the production of wastewater or to recycle it by running it through additional production cycles. But wastewater still exists; more and more is being produced every year in fact. That is where our clients in the wastewater treatment industry enter in. 

Mining | Industry Spotlight

Up to now we have had industry spotlights covering bulk material handling, pulp and paper, and power generation; today we are going to look at mining, a profession that predates history itself. What is mining? Mining can be defined as the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the Earth, usually from anContinue reading “Mining | Industry Spotlight”

Power Generation | Industry Spotlight

The generating of power is inextricably linked to the conveniences lent to our modern lifestyles. Cell phones, streaming binges, nightlights, and reliable running water are all dependent on the power generation industry that we are going to be discussing today. Industry Overview Power generation operates by way of three primary sectors; the generation of theContinue reading “Power Generation | Industry Spotlight”

Industry Spotlight | Pulp and Paper

In this week’s industry spotlight, we are going to be taking a closer look at the pulp and paper industry. Here at Hammer Haag, we have been fabricating integral steel components and machines for our pulp and paper clients for years and have learned so much about their intriguing industry along the way. What isContinue reading “Industry Spotlight | Pulp and Paper”

Large or small? We can make it.

We regularly receives inquiries asking about the scope of projects we take on here at Hammer Haag Steel. To put it best, I will use the words of our founder, Constantin Haag, who said: “Here at Hammer Haag, our only limitation is our client’s imagination“ Our team has over a decade of experience taking onContinue reading “Large or small? We can make it.”

Industry Spotlight | Bulk Material Handling

This week’s spotlight comes from the bulk material handling industry. Bulk material handlers are an essential component for many of the modern conveniences we all enjoy. According to Processing Magazine: “The main function of a bulk material handling system is to continuously transport and supply bulk materials to units in processing plants. Some secondary functionsContinue reading “Industry Spotlight | Bulk Material Handling”